Madeleine Botet de Lacaze

Questions I cannot answer myself.

By wanting to get to the core of these questions I enter an intense journey of discovery and expansion. Identity and belonging are always in conjunction in my practice. They somehow mean the same. As if it were through the flesh and the soil that the most profound questions regarding belonging, experience and human subjectivity could be explored. The idea of presence and non-presence, the ephemeral presence and the corporeal presence is what interests me and is what I have been investigating for the last few years. The tension between these two; the effect of looking at the body from the ephemerality of technology  is changing our perception of corporeality, of our body.

My work is about transformation and change through sharing and connecting. It’s meant to be raw and subtle; intense and beautiful. I want to shake people by shaking myself. I believe the body is the most nostalgic element, the most vivid, vital, dynamic, powerful and beautiful, one where the past, present and future coexist, where life and death make synthesis, where I can find my fears and hopes, my memories and most importantly my strength, drive and spirit.

I’m interested in the tensions within our mind and body, our inside and our outside, our feelings and what we actually express. I’m a very emotional person, maybe because I’m South American. However, I look very European. I was born in a country with 200 years of history but that land has been there for millions of years before. My grandfather is French, my grandmother is Italian, and my father is the first generation of an Argentinean family. What does this actually make of myself?

Yo no sé de pájaros,
No conozco la historia del fuego.
Pero creo que mi soledad debería tener alas.

I don’t know of birds,
Don’t know the history of fire.
But I believe my solitude should have wings.
A. Pizarnik

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