The Shell / Performance / 2012

The image of my naked body is projected on top of my naked body, both creating a specific action, both in different states of mind, both in constant dialogue, both looking to free themselves.

What really fascinates me are those moments when my mind says yes but my body doesn’t respond, when even though my mind says – yes do it – my body stands paralysed and afraid. Those ephemeral and personal limits can draw us to repeat what we already know, what makes us feel safe, instead of moving forward and thus allowing change to happen.

I want to clean myself but I’m the first to get dirty. After the performance I go to another room where the audience is not allowed to get in. Inside there is a CCTV camera and what is filmed there is projected outside live. The audience sees on a big screen how my mother cleans and dries my body. It’s an intimate, personal, unconditional and safe place which contradicts or encourages the will for change.

Part of the SPILL National Platform, Ipswich 2012.
Part of  SPILL Showcase, London 2013. Mentored by Franko B.

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