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CARRYING STONES / New Blood UK Premiere / IN BETWEEN TIME, Bristol International Festival / 13TH & 14TH of February / ARNOLFINI  / 1pm – 7pm. Every hour for half an hour / Supported by Arts Council England.

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Coming up…. ASTROLOGY FOR ARTISTS / Home For Waifs And Strays  4th & 5th of Abril 2015 in Birmingham / APPLICATION DEADLINE 8th of March 2015.

ASTROLOGY FOR ARTISTS / Yorkshire Sculpture Park / 11th & 12th of October 2014 / DIY project supported by the Live Art Development Agency.

Participants will experience their element balance combination, meaning the amount of Fire, Water, Earth and Air shown on their own astrological Natal Chart. Understanding how it relates to the way we express, act, think, feel but, most importantly, the way we search, get inspired and create work,  as the four elements are the energies of life and creativity.

This workshop is about getting inspired by knowing more about oneself. I want to propose an encounter to experience our personal creative processes from a different and unusual perspective. I’m interested in opening up a space and time to reflect upon these topics, to relate with each other through creative thinking, unusual body exercises, visualisations and astrological understanding.

Sharing how we perceive our environment and our creative life in relation to how strong, weak or lacking each of the four elements are in us, will be a creative experience.

Every participant will need to send the day, month, year and place ( Country and city) of their birth and the exact hour in which there were born. In return I will bring to the workshop each participant’s Astrological Natal Chart, which shows how the sky was at the exact moment of their birth and I will also give them their element balance combination.

For more information please email me at: [email protected] / Thank you.





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